Crafter/MAN TGE 2017 Onwards MWB Bedpods (Pair)

Product no.: 20FAF0020

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Fit composite bed pods to your medium wheel base Crafter/MAN TGE, this will then allow you to fix your bed across the van and save space.

Manufactured in glassfibre with added core materials for strength and stiffness.

Supplied in our standard white gel-coat.

Please note the bed pod will need prepped and painted to match the vehicle colour and may need minor sanding and trimming adjustments.

The outer flange has a rolled edge so provides a neat finish once pointed up with sealant/adhesive.

N/S & O/S pair supplied.

Suitable for Crafter/MAN TGE 2017 onwards.

For R/H drive vehicle.

Depth at rear of the bedpod is approximately 90mm tapering to 30mm.